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simone marini


Joining my group will allow you to know for some of my shots what were the technical choices used to get that specific emotion, so that the photographed landscape can reveal its true essence. You will find the shooting parameters used in the room, the equipment used, the time and the time of year in which the photos were taken, because each landscape gives its best in the right time and season.

I will also provide you with other very important information, the geographical coordinates, and in some cases the GPS track, of the place where the shot was taken. It is the most important information that a landscape designer may need, because landscape photography is made up of research and study of the territory.

After all this information you can decide to go autonomously to the place you are seeing to make your shot or if you want I will gladly accompany you in this experience to allow you to make the famous right shot in the right place.

I will be at your disposal in case you want to contact me to plan your photographic output so that it is as profitable as possible, indicating the correct approach to the location you have chosen and to the type of shot you want to take.

In return I ask you to talk about me around with your friends and to support me in my continuous study of the territory and in the discovery of new locations where you can go too once you have studied and made them accessible.

Let's work together

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